A prettyboy genasi who thinks he is perfect, or close to it.


Astral has white skin that is like porcelain in texture. His irises are purple, and black lines extend from his lower eyelids to his jawline. A solid substance constitutes his hair, and it hangs down to his cheeks and frames his face. Looking into this substance is like staring into a clear night sky, a field of infinite, inky black with twinkling stars dotting it. Like most genasi, Astral is tall and statuesque, with perfectly symmetrical features.


It started so small as to be considered a fluke. One brisk afternoon of science, after completing his latest batch of entropic field generation combat trials, ES-205 ignored any further orders until he had found a cloth and hot water to clean his face of gore. Once he had accomplished this and what I’m now certain was admiring himself in a mirror for 2 and half minutes, he became compliant again.

Later, after an incident where one of my colleagues, Dr. Ivy, found her locker vandalized and her newspaper and magazines were missing, I discovered ES-205 reading those very magazines. When confronted, ES-205 was willing to return what he’d stolen, but apparently only because he was “done with them.”

Not long after, ES-205 began to ask questions of both myself and Dr. Ivy pertaining to celebrities, advertisements, fashion, moving pictures, and other things in her magazines. Dr. Ivy was very professional despite her understandable misgivings about ES-205, and answered every question with the authority of a teacher of children. When he asked if Dr. Ivy or I thought he was “handsome” or “fetching,” she became flustered and dismissed his inquiry, and I dismissed ES-205 to his room. It seemed as though he was rather disappointed with our answers, I think. For the next several days, he did not ask any questions, but did not take to his exercise or combat trials with the same enthusiasm.

The most serious incident was when ES-205 simply left the facility a week later. Nobody was hurt, thankfully. ES-205 simply picked up and set aside anybody who got in his way. He eluded pursuing security personnel by doing what I can only guess was using his matter-warping abilities on himself to teleport away. He returned to the facility four days later on his own, wearing a suit and very excited. Apparently, he had been hired to model suits for ads by Wentworth’s Men’s Clothing. Seeing as the elemental soldiers are technically Echelon-level citizens, he was perfectly within his rights to leave and pursue employment.

I attempted to engineer ES-205’s schedule to interfere with this nonsense as much as possible, but Wentworth’s photographer was more flexible than I had anticipated. They call him “Astral,” no doubt for the cosmos-like projection of his hair, and I think ES-205 has taken a liking to the name. Dr. Ivy has taken to calling ES-205 by this name, and we let him leave the facility for an hour each day. His compliance and apparent happiness have both improved since.

And now, as I write this, I am told there is a gaggle of young ladies at the front desk asking to see “Astral.” I highly recommend that the citizenship laws be amended to help us prevent these sorts of disruptions in the future, for the sake of science!
—From the letters of Dr. Myron Ashcroft


Clockwork Accord: The Overhaul of Dannae Schneidend