Brandis Usar


Raised a thief on the streets of Bastion City; taught never to take more then he needed and always learn about your victim beforehand. After saving enough money Brandis went out and studied to become a member of the Wayfarers’ Guild in order to travel the lands of Dannae. After serving the guild for many years, Brandis fell back into his old habits. He was found out and the Wayfarers’ Guild terminated his membership and revoked all his benefits. He then made use of his upbringing and past experience within the guild to make due by selling his skills as a “mechanical engineer” who specialized in reprogramming.

Brandis continued in this way until a small caravan he was traveling with, run by a group of families, was attacked by an unknown clockwork enemy. Brandis fought alongside the rest of the guards, but they were heavily outnumbered and fell. Brandis was knock unconscious but left alive and eventually regained consciousness to see all the death and destruction that the clockwork had wrought against the caravan. Brandis patched his wounds as best he could and traveled to the nearest major city to seek out a military depot and sign up with the UCSA in order to prevent this from ever happening again.

After his involvement in the Clockwork War, Brandis went on to form a thieves’ guild within Dannae. However, his new guild did not receive acknowledgement from the other guilds nor sanction from the new regime and is therefore considered a criminal organization. Shortly after, Brandis disappeared from public view presumably to run his new guild from a secret base of operations. It is whispered that he has set up shop in Boiler Town, the former stronghold of the now outlawed Wayfarers’ Guild.

Brandis Usar

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