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Church of Technology

Churchof technology

“Technology has elevated mortals near to Gods.”

In the absence of the Gods the technology of the mortals made many great leaps, driven by their urge to give themselves meaning. The Church of Technology was founded 150 years before Rift Opening by a group of religious academics looking to fill the void left by the gods a millennium before. They based their religion on the technology that had elevated them so far from their origins under the divine. Over the many years these scholars became as much scientists as holy men. The church maintains massive libraries on all things they feel fall under their domain, including texts and records dating back to the time of the divine and relating directly to the Silent Gods. It also possesses some of the most powerful and advanced tech the Dannan have created. The Legion of the Church is the Church’s military arm. It is lead by The Elder Council, a group comprised of the eldest ranking member of each of the priestly orders: The Techpriest Order, the Liberium Order, and the Sanguinite Order.

Beliefs of the Church:
*We make technology and technology makes us as gods.
*We sanction ourselves to accomplish what we see fit.
*With technology we can achieve all that which we desire.

The church exists throughout the Dannan lands but its leadership is found within the walls of Bastion City

Temple of the Cog

White dark agent cog underwear design2

“We are but cogs within the Great Machine.”

Brought to Dannae from the Plane of Gears by the Imperium on the first day of the invasion, known as the day of Rift Opening. Worship of the Imperial Clock, a vast machine that leads the Imperium and composes most of the landscape of the Plane of Gears, is mandated. The Reagents use this tyrannical religion to control the Machine-Men and the Imperium itself.

*The Great Machine makes our path
*The Imperial Clock is the Imperium and the Imperium is the Great Machine
*Only the Reagent can understand the designs of the Imperium

Mortis Necrom

“I am the Darkness at the end of the Light”

Mortis Necrom is an ancient god of the dead from a time before technology-based faith became supreme. A Cult of Necrology was discovered and subsequently destroyed only 20 years ago during the Clockwork War. Little is known about Mortis Necrom and what is known was derived from the brief encounter with the cult.


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